LB-II Professional
LB-II Professional
LB-II Professional

LB-II Professional help you to have and always maintain your rebond straight hair beautifully soft, stylish, and healthy.

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  • Reborn Straightening hair
  • Very Dry Hair 
  • Super Moisture 
  • Argan Oil is a superior shine enhancer which contains high purity composition of poly-unsaturated fatty acids
  • High antioxidant levels that helps to maintain healthy looking hair.
  • Protects stressed and agen hair and improves the condition of dry and brittle hair without leaving it greasy.
  • It neutralize free radicals and restores vitality to give freshness and softness to the hair without weighing it down.
  • The serum has been specially developed to repair the ends of hair that are damaged or split. 
  • Combing through becomes very easy. 
  • This highly concentrated serum lasting protection and gives the hair shaft increased resistance to damage.