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First time try, not bad laa, hilang gatal kepala terus dalam sekali guna baru. Wangi pon wangi. Insya Allah will repeat after this.

11 September 2021

Brg sampai cpt n pantas xde rosak lk je Wangi suke pkai rambut jd sgr n kple pn slse je, slu pkai n fist beli kt sini tbaikk Good good good

5 June 2021

Satisfied . good product. one bottle can last for months. for one person usage. get free hair serum

5 June 2021

Great seller. Very thoughtful in wrapping this item in a box instead of as it! Cheaper to buy on Shoppee too. Great product, first bottle (bought somewhere else) lasted me for a long time. Scent is mild and refreshing.

5 June 2021

Received after 5 days of ordering. Been using this brand for 1 year now. Good product!

5 June 2021

Hands down the most safest secured packaging! My second time purchase. I used this on my bleached wavy hair and it does making it look more “alive” than usual.

5 June 2021