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What is miniaturization and what causes it?
Miniaturization is caused by blockages in the blood vessels that supply nutrients to the hair follicle and the arrector pili muscle. This will make the arrector pili muscle limp and reduce the diameter of the hair around the tissue responsive area. Hair roots will get nearer to the surface of the scalp. Overtime, the appearance of thinning hair will become evident.

Medical science has proven that the main cause of the blockage is dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is produced by an enzymatic reaction with the testosterone (male hormone) in the tissue responsive area, which is the crown section of the scalp. The enzymatic reaction starts at the adolescent age, where young men and women start to produce hormones from the adrenal gland. The level of

  • Stress
  • Excessive consumption of animal fat
  • Environmental factors/pollution
  • Genetic
  • Health
  • Medical

Does DHT cause other damage to the scalp?
Yes. The secretion of DHT, when it comes into contact with the sebum (oil produced by the sebaceous gland), will deposit and form a tight, shiny layer that is called hydrophobic lipids on the tissue responsive area. This tight and shiny skin will affect the natural growing cycle of our hair.

Are there any early symptoms?

  • Acne
  • Oily scalp and face
  • Excessive daily hair loss – more than 70 per day
  • Excessive body hair
  • Alopecia areata
  • Hair on the crown area is thinner and more limp than the hair behind the ear

How can desoxygener series help?

  • Desoxygener Ayurvedic Therapy Hair Shampoo Cleanser  is enriched with cold-pressed ginger oil. This is formulated in Korea and fine-tuned to each local climate needs. The unique formula will gently cleanse the scalp and dissolve hydrophobic lipids to promote a healthier scalp for an optimum hair growth cycle. The active botanical extracts, especially the cold-pressed ginger oil will ensure better nutrient supply to the hair follicle.
  • Desoxygener Ayurvedic Therapy Tonic Hair Serum is enriched with cold-pressed ginger oil, a light but powerful herbal serum. The presence of cold-pressed ginger oil and other essential elements effectively deliver sufficient nutrients to the hair follicle and the arrector pili muscle.
  • Desoxygener Ayurvedic Therapy Essense Hair Follicle Revitalizer is enriched with a cocktail of many natural active ingredients that provides the extra special care for visible receding hairlines and thinning hair in the advanced stages. This Revitalizer helps to improve microcirculation and increases blood flow to the scalp, and thereby allowing our own body supply of nutrients to nourish the hair follicle. It also protects our scalp against phototoxic effects of sunlight and also prolongs the anagen stage of our hair.
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